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Obedience Training Guide for an ESA Dog - 2022 Guide

Keeping pets is common nowadays. Some people like to have service animals while most of the other people prefer emotional support animal letter over service animals. People often give ESA training to their service dogs. Similarly, ESA dog owners also give certain training to their dogs whenever they think their dog needs it. Mostly ESA dog owners give obedience training to their dogs. Because it is not like only service dogs need to behave well or look well-organized. Obedience training is good for dogs as it trains them to behave well and stay well-organized wherever they go. Other people often get irritated if the dog does not behave well. Therefore, obedience training is important so that your ESA dog is recognized by others.

Most animals because of lack of training behave strangely. And because of this unorganized and strange behavior or any other reason the animal is not allowed to stay with the owner. In such cases, most people train their service dogs to behave like ESA dogs so that they can keep them at their rental place without any difficulty. But it is necessary to know that training your service dog like an ESA dog is not enough. However, if you want to keep your dog at your rental place or anywhere without any difficulty or objection then you must have an esa letter for housing. This letter is a licensed letter from a healthcare professional.

Obedience Training Guide

There is a need for every owner to teach their dog respect, obedience, and discipline. This will take time but can be achieved very easily by starting with some obedience training commands. Moreover, you need to keep in mind several points that will help you train your dog properly and without building pressure.


Mentioned below are some of the common commands that you need to train your dog in obedience training:

Watch Me: The first common is named “Watch me”. This command helps to grab your dog’s attention and make the training of all other commands easy.

Sit: A simple command to train your dog to sit on your order. You need to train your dog properly so that he understands your instructions well. This command is not only trained in obedience training but is also trained to help your dog prevent disturbing situations or behaviors.

Down: This command is a bit difficult to train according to some owners but still following the proper procedure and training your dog slowly will help him learn it easily.

Stay: This command first requires following the sit command and then it can be performed. Great patience and attention is required to train this command in your dog.

Take care of the above-mentioned things while carrying out the obedience training with your dog. Obedience training helps your dog to stay well-behaved when you go out with him. If a dog is not well-behaved or disciplined an ESA Letter alone would not be able to allow you to keep your dog with you. That is why it is necessary to train respect and discipline in your dog.

Things that you should know while carrying out the Obedience Training

  1. Regular practice the commands with your dog.

  2. Be patient while giving instructions to your dog.

  3. Do not force or punish your dog if he is taking time to learn commands.

  4. Do not put burden by trying to teach all commands at once.

  5. Slowly and gradually train your dog.

  6. Offer some treats after completing the training to reward your dog for performing well.

Many other commands Heel, Come, Wait are also trained. But your main focus should be on training them slowly and gradually. Owners often use their hands to direct the dog towards something while training. But they can also use a dog whistle while training as it helps to grab your dog’s attention. For more information regarding an esa letter, visit

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